Thursday, June 28, 2007

Making Friends Through The Internet

Back before I married Hubby--in the early era of chat rooms--I got quite friendly with one or two online friends. I chatted with some of them for months, and we went as far as exchanging pictures and talking on the phone.

The relationships eventually ended--mostly because I had to sell my computer and was therefore without an Internet connection. But I've known quite a few people who have met--and married--people they met online. In almost all of those cases the marriages have lasted happily for years (and are still thriving), which shows that online relationships can lead to long-term love.

Many of my friends have pursued relationships through online venues. In fact, you've probably heard me mention my "posse" of single male friends. Well, they've been known to occasionally browse online dating sites.

I recently found out about FriendFinder, and it seems like a great site to tell my single buddies about. It's very user friendly, plus it has a chat feature! Posting ads is free, which is another great perk. I browsed around and checked out some of the ladies' profiles, and there were quite a few who might spark an interest for my male friends.

I'm definitely going to recommend to my single guy friends. I hope it helps them find love!

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