Monday, February 11, 2008

Taking It Easy

So because of a minor pregnancy complication, my doc advised that I "take it easy" for a little while. This means I've been spending the last couple of days on the couch. I am the quintessential couch potato. I'm surprised that the TV remote control hasn't become permanently embedded in the palm of my hand.

Another downside to "taking it easy" is that I'm trying to spend very little time on my feet, which means I am eating meals that require very little kitchen prep. My typical daily menu includes a few frozen dinners and the occasional delivery pizza or Chinese. Not exactly the healthiest foods.

Fortunately, Hubby is off work for a few days... so he can cook for me and pamper me! We just loaded up on a bunch of groceries, so he has plenty of ingredients for healthy meals. Now I only need to convince him that salad is a better dinner choice than fish 'n' chips!

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