Monday, November 27, 2006


I crave pierogies.

I blame this on my college roommate, who introduced me to these delectable doughy potato pillows.

I switched to a vegan lifestyle about four years ago. After that, I pretty much gave up pierogies. Store versions always contained dairy or eggs, and homemade versions were just too time-consuming. So I said "good bye" to these delightful carb-a-holic treats.

(For those who aren't in the "know," a pierogie is similar to a ravioli. It's a dough pocket. However, instead of being stuffed with cheese or meat, it's stuffed with potatoes--similar to mashed potatoes. And rather than smothering them in tomato sauce, they're boiled and then pan-fried with butter/margarine and onions. Ohhhhh... sweet carb-loading goodness...)

I never really gave up hope that, one day, a vegan pierogie would be mine. Every time I saw a different brand or version in my supermarket freezer case, I always checked the ingredients. I held my breath in anticipation, hoping that this time... this one time... I'd find a frozen vegan pierogie.

And then it happened. Like the Pearly Gates opening to reveal the banquets of heaven, I found them. A little doughy taste of joy. Weiss store brand pierogies.

In two days I ate two boxes.

Shamed by my over-indulgence, I vowed to avoid them except on rare occasions, such as scheduled "cheat" or "free" meals.

But tonight... for some reason... all I want for dinner is a pierogie.

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