Sunday, September 9, 2007

Another tumble off the wagon...

Has friends over for a bbq last night. And though I didn't do much drinking--just two glasses of wine--I did end up smoking cigarettes. My lungs are hurtin' today.

As for my diet, it was so-so. I ate some pasta salad (not great, but not too horrible). But then I ate 3 ears of corn! It's the end of the corn season, and I absolutely love corn-on-the-cob! Of course, I ate it dripping with Earth Balance margarine and salt... which really upped the calorie content. I also munched on some whole grain crackers throughout the night... but just a few nibbles. Overall, my diet could have been worse and could have been better.

I didn't workout yesterday--a planned "rest" day. Today my lungs hurt so much that I'm going to skip my workout. After a night of smoking, I need a full 24 hours to feel capable of really exercising again. (Another reason smoking is so bad for me.) I will get back on the exercise track with a long run tomorrow, I hope.

I feel bloated and pudgy. Not sure if it's all the salt, or if it's really extra fat. I guess I'll find out after a few days of clean eating.

I do plan to keep today's food clean. Even if I don't exercise, I can still stick with my diet plan.

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Fatinah said...

I'm sad to tell you that I smoked yesterday also! We are going to have to keep each other on the straight and narrow!!