Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today's Plan

My lungs are killing me today (too many cigarettes this weekend), so I am skipping my workout. I had planned a run, but I just don't think it'll happen. Fortunately, the weather is starting to cool--autumn is almost here!--which means outdoor runs will soon become the norm. Yes! I hate running in the heat of summer, but I love runs on crisp fall days! I may try and squeeze one in tomorrow (I have a busy day planned), even if it's a short one.

As for my diet, I am trying to be as clean as possible. I wish I could get a few more green veggies in my regular nutrition plan. I probably eat 2-3 servings of green veggies a day... plus I eat other veggies like tomatoes, squash, cucumber, radishes, carrots. All in all, I probably get about 5-6 servings of veggies each day. Not as many as I'd like (though probably more than the average American).

I still haven't been able to shake my morning caffeine. But I don't really worry too much about it--I only drink 1-3 cups of tea in the AM. Right now, I have more important health things to worry about.


Cory said...

I wish I did that well on veggies! You're doing good. Nothing wrong with trying to fit in more though.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Icky on the cigs. But you know that.

I hope you feel up to running again soon!