Thursday, October 11, 2007

Walking Tours For Fitness and Fun

Although I've lived most of my life above the Mason-Dixon line, I consider myself to be a mix of Yankee and Southern Belle. The southerner in me loves the hospitality, friendliness and slower pace of the southern states. As a result, I've always wanted to take a trip to South Carolina.

My Mother-In-Law was raised in Charleston, and I've been considering a tour of the city. But since I've never been to Charleston, I prefer to let the experts guide my sightseeing. Fortunately, travel service Trusted Tours and Attractions offers a Charleston Tour that includes sightseeing.

A tour is a fun way to see a new city, and it's something I've always wanted to try. I love the idea of a themed tour, and those of you who regularly read my blog will understand why "The Pub Walk of Charleston" sounds so appealing to me!

Hubby is a lot more interested in history, though, so I could see him finding interest in "The Charleston Civil War Walking Tour." The great thing about this particular tour is that it combines history with exercise, so at least I'll be able to walk off some of that tasty southern food! The "Original Charleston Walk" is another great way to get some exercise while I learn about the local history and legends.

If you prefer a more northern destination, this travel service also offers Boston Tours and tours in other cities, like Chicago and Niagara Falls.

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