Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Walk

It's starting to get hot outside, so today I was sweating during my [amble] walk. Hubby accompanied, which was nice. We spent a bit of time chatting about Baby's upcoming arrival. (Only 9 1/2 weeks to go!)

I am still obsessing about losing the baby weight after Baby arrives... and I've been polling every mom I know about it. "How long did you have your jiggly stomach?" "How long until you lost the baby weight?" Most of them tell me that it's at least 8 weeks--usually more--before they get rid of their extra tummy... and then another couple of months to actually get back to their previous size.

They do say "Nine months on... nine months off" when it comes to dropping baby weight. But I am determined to be the exception to the rule. Mostly I want to lose the weight because at this point I hope to get pregnant again in the not-so-distant future, and I really want all the weight off before we start trying to have another baby.

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Tiffany said...

For some women it is super easy the pounds just seem to melt off (I hate those women) but for others (me) you have to fight to get it off. Also do remember that you are not suppose to diet and breastfeed, especially for the first few months.

I would recommend after the first month to get into a work out routine (check things out with the doctor - my recently told me no running until I am six months postpartum), around 2 months start focusing on how much you are eating and start counting calories but don't limit yourself just yet. Finally once breastfeeding is going good and you feel if you could cut calories (3ish months) only cut them to around 2500 to 2000. Even eating that many calories you should still be able to lose weight.

It is hard after you have the baby, you want your old body back so bad but it does take some time.