Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thinking About The Baby Weight

As birth day approaches--less than 2 months now!--I can't stop thinking about losing the baby weight. As thrilled as I am to become a mother, and as much as I want this child, I can't help feeling as if pregnancy has completely changed my body. Weight has always been an emotional issue for me, and I think it's important for me mentally to do something about my extra padding as soon as possible.

I ordered another copy of Body for Life (both the original and the one for women) since I seemed to have misplaced my copy. I've also been researching healthy recipes that I can make ahead of time and freeze, like protein pancakes and baked oats. And I've been trying to improve my diet right now so I can get used to eating lots of veggies and fruits again.

I've even tried digging up my old bikini so I can take "before" pictures, but I can't seem to find it. I probably won't fit into it after Baby arrives, so I guess I'll order a larger one for the "before" pic. I can't wait to start exercising again!

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