Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Walking

I've never been a huge fan of walking. In the past, I've usually "fitness" walked for one of four reasons:

1. To warm-up before a jog
2. To cool-down after a jog
3. To get some exercise if I'm suffering an injury
4. To ease back into a running program after a long absence

Well, I've been walking for exercise during the past week. It's not an everyday thing yet, but it'll be 5 days this week by Saturday. Hubby has been joining me, which gives us a chance to spend a little time together. I haven't been walking as briskly as I'd like--still need an "ok" from my doctor first--but at least I'm doing something.

If my doctor tells me to take it easy for a while, I've been trying to think of some other low-impact activities to do. Personally, I love swimming. I think it's a great meditation-type exercise. Unfortunately, the nearest pool is about 20 minutes away... plus it requires a pretty expensive membership. I'm not sure if I'd be motivated enough to actually drive there... and pay the financial price, too.

Another option might be the elliptical machine. We have one in our home gym, so it's very convenient. We also have a recumbent stationary bike, which could be a good option, too.

Still... there is something I like about being outside... especially this time of year. So I might stick to walking for now. Perhaps I'll even learn to like it.


Cory said...

Well, you do have some great alternatives there if walking just doesn't do it for you. But it's great that you can spend the time with your hubby. And it's always nice to spend some time outdoors this time of year!

Tiffany said...

I am a runner because of the calories it burns and I get a great cardio workout. Now that I am almost 7 months pregnant I have seen my workouts go from a 10K to a 5K to walking for an hour to where they are now - a very slow 10 minute walk - my back cannot take anymore!

Fatinah said...

I love walking....good for you for getting out there! You sure have lots of alternatives...