Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Hangover

Fortunately, mine isn't too bad today.

I have totally stopped drinking, so I didn't have any wine or beer yesterday. And even though I had to eat two dinners (one at my parents, one at the in-laws), I managed not to overdo it at either.

For me, the worst part about Thanksgiving is that all the food is beige! Mashed potatoes, corn, bread... all the stuff that I can usually eat is beige in color and has very little nutritional value. Normally I'd bring my own healthy dish--like a veggie casserole--but this year I just didn't feel like cooking. So I ate beige, not-very-healthy foods yesterday.

I'm hoping to try and take a walk today, even though it's a little chilly outside. I haven't gotten much exercise lately, and it's time for me to get moving.


Fatinah said...

sometimes beige is a nice change!
Nice to hear from you - glad you didn't over indulge and could just enjoy....

the veggie paparazzo said...

Fortunately, it's just one meal, right? And those beige foods are normally tasty, at least. :)