Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why do casseroles sound gross?

Hubby has leftover chicken and rice from dinner last night, and I am trying to put together a casserole to take to my dad. I've been browsing for recipes online, including my favorite site www.allrecipes.com. You'd think there'd be hundreds of chicken and rice casseroles. And, indeed, there are. Unfortunately, they all sound gross to me.

Maybe it's pregnant-lady tastes. Or perhaps it's because I haven't eaten a chicken and rice casserole in years. But every single recipe looks disgusting. Most include some type of "cream of" soup... such as cream of celery or cream of chicken. Frankly, the idea of eating "cream of" and rice just kind of nauseates me.

It must be pregnant-lady syndrome, right?

Either way, maybe I'll just turn the chicken into a nice potpie and eat the rice myself over the next few days. That may be the best way to use both ingredients with little waste, and avoid making Dad anything with "cream of" in the ingredients.

Unless someone here has a great chicken and rice casserole recipe?

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Nathan said...

The mere thought of the name "casserole" is enough to make me hurl. Probably because it usually means that it has cheese in it. (I hate cheese). So maybe I'm just weird.