Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sugar... Sugar... Sugar

Originally, my OB/Gyn warned me to avoid too much sugar during the pregnancy. "Sugar is fertilizer for babies," he said. "Whenever you want to eat sugar, imagine a 10 pound baby crowning."

Nonetheless, sugar has been the one thing I've been craving during this pregnancy. It's strange, since I've never before had a sweet tooth. Yesterday's sugar binge included a Snickers bar and 3 TastyKakes! It wasn't one of my finest moments.

Fortunately, those types of binges are becoming fewer. Most days I limit my sugar intake to just a cookie or two... or maybe a slice of pie. Sure, it would be better to avoid it all together. But at least I'm trying to keep my portions fairly moderate.

As a result, my weight gain has finally stabilized! I was starting to worry. But I've only gained about 2 pounds over the last 4 weeks, which is what my OB/Gyn suggested at my last doctor's visit. So I'm back on track, and I'm happy about that.


Fatinah said...

ugh - the thought of any size baby crowning would keep me away from the sweets!

glad your weight gain is stable - at least you know that is just growing baby!!

Athena said...

Gosh, I had the craziest cravings during pregnancy. First kid was an 8 lb. 3 oz. baby--he's now a 5'11" 13-year-old. Whatever I was craving, it worked on time delay!

Tiffany said...

Ahhh - sugar. I never craved sweet things until I got pregnant and now I have not given them up and I need to! Luckily with both kids I gained a normal amount of weight, they came early and so I had little babies. I think living at hight altitude helped me have smaller babies as well. No 10 pounders or even 7 pounders here!