Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Body For Life Comparisons

I finished reading the two different Body for Life books: Body for Life and Body for Life for Women.

Here's my verdict:

BFL Women is definitely more touchy-feely. There's a lot more talk about motivation and "mind." Women who have typical female problems with weight--yo-yo dieting, emotional eating, etc.--may find the text useful. Overall, however, I found it lacked a lot of practicality.

Moreover, neither the eating nor exercise plan is as strict as that found in the regular BFL program. The concept of the "free" day--and the rationale behind it--seems to be missing almost entirely. And the suggested cardio is less intense (and probably less effective) than recommended in the traditional BFL plan.

Women may find BFL Women easier to follow since it's more flexible and less stringent. However, I'd guess that the 12-week results would not be very dramatic. Weight loss could almost definitely be achieved, but it won't be the kind of body transformation that can be seen in the regular BFL plan.

Personally, I'll stick to the original. I want to see serious results, and I'm not afraid of some high intensity cardio or some heavy weight lifting.


Fatinah said...

interesting review - looks like I will be sticking with the original as a reference.

Riya said...

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