Friday, June 6, 2008

Outdoor Exercise Protection

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Although I live in a relatively safe neighborhood--the biggest crime around here tends to be stolen bicycles--there's always the chance that some crazed, serial-killer-attacker-type will start stalking my streets.

And there are lots of loose dogs around here, too.

So I think it's smart--and practically a necessity--to carry protection during my outdoor runs and walks around town.

Fortunately, websites like LA Police Gear provide lots of equipment and accessories that can be used by the average citizen who wants to protect herself around the neighborhood, such as tactical knives. (Always check the laws in your area about carrying a blade! Many states limit the size of the knife you can legally carry concealed on your person.) For those already equipped with some basic self-defense gear, the website also sells holders for things like expandable batons.

If you're just looking for clothing, the site sells plenty of tactical apparel like 511 Shorts and Under Armour Covert Ops shirts.