Monday, July 9, 2007

Scale Movement

No... I'm not talking about the numbers moving on the scale. I'm talking about physically moving my scale to a new spot.

The scale used to be in my bathroom. At one point in my life (about 6 months ago), I was stepping on the scale every single day.

Then I decided to stay off the scale for a while, just to see what happened. After a month of not weighing myself, I ended up at the same weight I started. So the scale seemed to neither help nor hurt.

Shortly after, Hubby and I remodeled. We split our large single bathroom into two smaller ones. Due to space constraints, the scale found a home in the guest bathroom.

However, I was rarely--if ever--in the guest bath. The result? I never stepped on the scale.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I finally get the nerve to step on the scale. To my chagrin, I had gained three pounds.

I immediately found room for the scale in the master bathroom so I can again weigh myself every day. Clearly I need this type of "checks and balances" to ensure that I don't blindly start packing on the pounds. My scale's new home is inconveniently located--I have to step over it every once in a while. But at this point, I'd rather deal with the inconvenience than watch my waistline continue to spread.


Fatinah said...

just be careful not to stub your toes! ;-)

Maria said...

We've had to keep our scale out of the bathroom as apparantly it's not good for the scale to be in a moist environment.. and they become inaccurate. We still keep it in sight .. just outside the bathroom, standing up leaning against a wall! I get weighed weekly at Weight Watchers ..but hubby relies on and uses the scales here at home. Keeping track is important, well done for facing the music so to speak and making the changes that will help you! :-) And on the bright side.. at least it wasn't 10 or 20 pounds! Take Care :-)