Sunday, July 8, 2007


Today's run was painful. I was all gung-ho for it, but ended up cutting it short. My legs were sore. I was hot. And for some reason I just felt fatigued through the whole thing.

I've been trying to workout first thing in the morning, but it makes me feel extra tired. I am just not a morning lark. I don't really get a burst of energy until afternoon. But I'm going to keep trying to exercise in the morning for a little while longer... maybe it'll get easier.

As for my diet... it's improved (although it's not perfect yet). Here are today's planned meals:
  • Meal 1: Apple (pre-workout)
  • Meal 2: Large green salad with beans, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, onion and olives
  • Meal 3: Veggie burger, brown rice
  • Meal 4: Baked potato with vegetarian chili
  • Meal 5: Plain popcorn, sunflower seeds
Not exactly the most nutritious meals--I could use a few more veggies in my diet. But it's healthier than it's been in a few weeks.


Victoria said...


I have tried morning runs with no joy either, your either a morning person or a evening person, stick with it though I envy people who have the drive to get up in the morning and exercise before going to work (think I will stick to exercise after work) :)


Athena said...

After grousing about our abnormally cool and rainy weather here in TX, my husband celebrated our first full day of sunshine in weeks by going out for a morning run (10 a.m.) and coming home early, nauseated, dehydrated, and dizzy. So much for complaining about cool temps in July.

Cory said...

I can't handle the morning workout things either. It's just asking TOO much.
Maybe it will get better for you though!

Fatinah said...

stick with the mornings for a bit, but really, if you would enjoy your workout more later - and when you enjoy it, I think you get more out of it - then.....
I think your menu sounds really yummy. I have to start reading blogs on a full stomach!!