Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sore Throat

The general rule of thumb: Exercising when sick is ok if you feel sick from the neck up--stuffy nose, sore throat, etc. But once it reaches your chest--cough and chest congestion--it's time to take a break.

Well, today I have a sore throat. It's so sore that I can barely swallow! I had planned a run for today, but I'm thinking I should take a break no matter what the "rule of thumb" says. I'm feeling rundown, and I think taking it easy might be the smartest thing to do.

Do you exercise when you're sick? Do you have a rule of thumb that you follow?


Cory said...

I don't blame you for taking the break. If you're miserable, rest is a good thing!

Fatinah said...

I honestly believe that having a complete day of rest from EVERYTHING makes me heal faster - so I wouldn't. I'm hardly ever sick for longer than a day or two - so in my head it works!

BigLoser said...

I've been pretty sick lately. Sore throat, watery/itchy eyes, congested nose and itchy ears.

My work out classes are pretty intense (lots of cardio and weights), but I did try to work out anyway. I couldn't keep up. I ended up stopping mid-way through the class.

I think resting is not a bad thing because you'll heal quicker.

Victoria said...

Been there, didn't listen to my body and was ill much longer and ended up not being able to do anything for ages. Listen to your body, if your not feeling up to it then your doing the right thing. The last thing you want is to make any sort of illness worse no matter how trivial. Also having a rest can help your body heal from exercise so its good to have one once in a while

Hope you feel better soon
Vics x

Jake Silver said...

i usually just do a leisurely walk or something for an hour.

Anonymous said...

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