Monday, July 2, 2007

Romance And Love

(This is a sponsored post)

One of my biggest reasons for losing weight is to improve my love life. Now, my love life is quite satisfactory already. But I find that when I feel good about my body, I tend to be more inclined toward romance. On days when I feel flabby, I'll shy away when Hubby reaches out to give me a hug--mostly because I don't want him to feel my extra jiggle.

However, I realize that it's important to cultivate romance ALL the time--not just when I'm feeling slender and slinky. So thank goodness for websites like, which offers lots of great ideas for dating, romance and love. Whenever I'm feeling unromantic, I simply take a few minutes to check out this website, which is chock full of romantic ideas.

There are plenty of romance and relationship articles on the website. Browsing the site always sparks ideas for creative ways to show Hubby that I care. And when I act more romantic toward him, I FEEL sexier--even though I haven't lost a pound. So this website improves my love life AND my self-esteem!

The best relationships require a little bit of romantic effort, but websites like help make it fun and easy!

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Adam said...

Fitness always has a positive effect on your self esteem and also make you more positive as a person. start up with something that you can do and achieve.