Sunday, July 29, 2007

The "Monday" Diet

Anyone do the "Monday" diet?

It goes something like this:

You've been cheating a bit on your diet through the week--a cookie on Wednesday, some ice cream on Thursday. Friday night arrives and your co-workers invite you to happy hour.

"Hey, I have to go," you tell yourself. "It's networking time that could be beneficial to my career!"

You head out to the bar with your co-workers, drink a few cocktails, and munch on the free peanuts. When someone orders a heaping platter of potato skins, you help yourself to one or two, unable to resist their bacon-y cheese-y goodness. On your way home you pick-up some Chinese food--including two eggrolls and some fried wontons--because it's too late to cook dinner.

By the time Saturday morning arrives, you've blown your diet. So you figure, "What the heck... I'll enjoy myself this weekend." You skip your workout because you'd rather go shopping. You go out to your favorite burger place for lunch (and yes, you get the French fries on the side). You have a beer or two with dinner, and finish off your meal with a piece of cheesecake.

"I'll restart my diet tomorrow," you think.

Sunday morning dawns bright and early, and the family wants to go out to brunch. Rather than disappoint them, you think, "The weekend is shot anyway. I might as well start my diet again on Monday."

I call it the "Monday" diet... and I swear it seems to be happening to me a lot lately. Anyone else on this "diet"?


BigLoser said...

Been there girl! But lately, I try to have that ONE day designated the CHEAT DAY. The day varies every week, but is generally on either Saturday or Sunday.

All of my friends, family members and co-workers know I'm 'cutting back', so if we go out they know I'm limiting my drinks to JUST ONE and they're very encouraging, so if we get appetizers there is ALWAYS something healthy as well as something fat (aka REALLY GOOD) lol.

Don't punish yourself too much though. Get back on the know you can do it!!

Critter said...

I am so on this diet. It is amazing that we can undo a 5 days worth of good eating and exercising in 2 days but we can. Tomorrow I start over, yet again.

Athena said...

those are great goals.

doesn't matter what day of the week the diet comes. just stick with it.