Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Encouraging The "Other"

Ok... sometimes I have a hard time forcing my own rear-end out of the chair. There are days when it takes all my internal fortitude to strap on my sneakers. On occasion I have to literally act as my own cheerleader, chanting "Go! Go! Go!" as I progress to the gym.

As a result, I don't have a shred of energy left when it comes to encouraging Hubby to join me in my athletic endeavors.

Frankly, I think Hubby looks great. We're both at the age when a little bit of a middle age spread has started to form, but, for the most part, we're still ok. Nonetheless, he complains bitterly of his growing spare tire and his shrinking upper body muscles.

"So go workout," I respond.

"I know. I will. Tomorrow."

Tomorrow. Next week. Next month. After vacation. After the holidays. After Yom Kippur.

There's always an excuse or a reason to put off the exercise program until later.

Like I said, Hubby looks fine. But I've grown tired of listening to him complain about his body. I want to scream, "Just do it!"

So, has anyone successfully managed to encourage a Significant Other into a fitness routine? If so, share your secrets!


Cory said...

I managed to get my husband into Aikido. Although I probably wouldn't have if I had known how much it would cost. :) Of course, I had the good luck of a friend in an invitation only class getting him an invite.
But you really can't force someone to exercise. They have to want it!

Fatinah said...

oh, my, word!
You just described a part of my life to a T!!!
If I have to listen to my husband complain about being out of shape one more time (and of course, he isn't REALLY-just maybe his heart from lack of cardio).....I keep telling him to go to the gym, but he doesn't....I'm looking forward to hearing if anyone has tips. I did sign husband up for yoga in the fall for that class we did together this past winter. But so far....UGH!!

Maria said...

Last year when I would have LOVED for my husband to have joined me on one of my many, many walks, he didn't. He did no exercise and his 'spread' was spreading more and more. He was just anti-exercise and I felt like an athlete compared to him. Fast forward to this year and we both have gym memberships now. He goes regularly and I haven't been for two months and I am about 20 pounds heavier than last year. Hubby goes each week whenever he can fit it in. It's amazing how the tables can turn and life just *changes*. Nothing I said or did changed hubby's attitude. Actually maybe it was an answer to prayer.. and I forgot to pray for myself! When I was looking to join a gym so I could do exercise that wouldn't aggravate injuries.. I got such a good deal that my husband decided to join too. He was aware of his increasing girth, just didn't talk about it much. He was nearing 200 pounds..and that frightened him. So he took drastic measures. He has lost about 20 pounds while I have gained that much. Go figure. Maybe one day something will spur your husband to improve his fitness. An external influence of somesort. It all happens to us at some point usually when we realise our bodies aren't getting any younger or we seek a better quality of life. Btw, thank you for stopping by my blog :-) And best wishes getting your husband 'in the zone'!

Tiffany said...

Find a time that works best for you and stick to it. I am not a morning person (even though I wish I could be). Right now I work out during my lunch hour and do a quick sponge bath in the bathroom room afterwards. At my last job I did not take a lunch very often so I would work out in the evening right after work. I wish I could take up the after work workout again due to the heat but with a 2 year old that is not going to happen. I know that you normally work out a lot and run a lot of miles each week, maybe it is time to either take week off or switch it up. Don't go running for a week but go hiking, walking, biking, swimming.

Anonymous said...

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Amazon Alanna said...

I've got the reverse issue...I'm the slug in my home...even if I'm actually training for something, I'm not working out as hard or as often as my husband. He's a natural athlete and it stinks. (I'm kidding) He's figured out that the more he pushes, the less likely I am to go do something. He now asks me what my plans are workout wise, instead of telling me to get out there...we don't butt heads as much that way.

Basically, he's got to actually want to do it...maybe next time instead of "so go workout" maybe another response could be "how do you want to take care of it and how can I support you in that"

Dang, sorry...I didn't mean to sound so uppity!