Friday, June 1, 2007

Nibbles Of News

  • My career--and soon-to-be ex-job--are basically consuming my thoughts these days. So I've started a new blog called PiggyBank Raid. It basically covers everything... my emotions, my thoughts, and my finances! I wanted to chronicle my journey of "crappy corporate job" to "pursuing my own hopes and dreams." I imagine it'll include lots of tidbits about stretching my budget and learning to live on just Hubby's income.
  • This hot weather is totally throwing a wrench into workout plans! I love to run outside... but I can't stand the heat! As a result, early morning runs are the best ones for summertime (before the sun starts blazing). Unfortunately, I am a "night owl." Mornings aren't my thing. I gotta start forcing myself to wake up earlier or I'll keep skipping my runs.
  • My diet's just been so-so these last few days... I actually felt thinner when I was on vacation! Of course, hormones and water have a lot to do with my belly bloat. But overall, I'm starting to think that working from home is actually a detriment to my diet! I used to think it was a good thing that I could avoid vending machines and take-out lunches... but now I'm starting to think that 24/7 access to my fridge is not all that great for my waistline.


Cory said...

I understand the deal on the weather. I just walked to lunch and the heat is killer out there. I might have to find time to fit my walking in elsewhere in the day!

JOY said...

Howdy Partner!

I am glad to see you are in for the June Challenge.

Seems we have three other partners - at least we will be able to encourage each other and be there for one another.

Good luck with this months challenges!!

Looking forward to catching up on your blog later when I have more time.