Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Losing Weight Saves Money, Too!

As some of you may know, I maintain multiple blogs. The two that relate to me on a personal level, however, are In Pursuit of Fitness and PiggyBank Raid. As a result, I am often considering the ins-and-outs of both weight loss and personal finance.

Then it occurred to me: Weight loss and saving money were linked in many ways! Ta-Da! A post that works for both of my personal blogs.

At first the relationship between healthy living and losing weight isn't so obvious. But, as I thought more about it, I realized the benefit of…

More local foods: I often buy fresh produce from the local farmer's stand, which is only a short drive from my home.
Money Benefit: It's cheaper
Health Benefit: These foods are usually low-cal things like fruits and veggies

Less driving: I've gotten conscious about my fuel consumption habits lately. I park the car and walk instead of driving around looking for a close parking space, and I'll walk a shopping center instead of driving from store to store.
Money Benefit: Less gas used in my vehicle
Health Benefit: More exercise in my daily life

Eating smaller portions: Serving up large portions only causes me eat more food than I need to be satisfied!
Money Benefit: Smaller food bill
Health Benefit: Fewer calories

More physical activities: Rather than spending my evenings indoors, I've started taking brisk walks around the neighborhood and encouraging Hubby to hike.
Money Benefit: Less cash needed for indoor entertainment like movie rentals and magazines
Health Benefit: I burn more calories

More homemade meals: Although dining out is one of my vices, I've tried to start making more meals at home.
Money Benefit: Fewer pricey restaurant meals
Health Benefit: I eat smaller portions and can control the fat/calories in my recipes

It's nice to know that some of my new habits are good for my waistline AND my wallet!


JOY said...

What a great post! I think we all need to take what you say on board.

I know I should do more to economise and also eat healthy.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Cory said...

Great post! You've made some terrific posts there. And just think, you're doing good for the environment too with all the extra walking!

Athena said...

More local foods also means less demand for ethanol, which should make the cost of all foods come down.

Tigerlilly said...

Great post!! I agree with most of them... but around here, buying 'home grown' is actually MORE expensive because they say they are 'organic'. UGH... so I started actually growing my own veggies!! This year is my first garden, so it may not be all that great... but it will get better!!!