Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Gardening For Healthy Food

I have a brown thumb. Every plant I try to grow ends up withered, brown and dead.

I start each growing season with renewed hope, though. This year on my front porch I have a container of cherry tomatoes, a container of Italian parsley and cilantro, and a pot of basil. I know it doesn't sound like much. But the year I tried lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and snow peas I ended up with a crop so small that it was barely enough for one salad.

I'm trying to learn from my mistakes.

I've been diligently watering my plants every day, but haven't yet seen a spark of green push through the dirt. I am impatient by nature, and Hubby has to remind me daily that life takes time to form.

I have no real hopes of actually getting a crop this year (I haven't in the past), so I'm still making regular trips to my local farmer's produce stand.

I love the idea of fresh, healthy homegrown foods. I'm crossing my fingers that this year I'll finally figure out the trick for getting more than two little cherry tomatoes off each plant.

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A Heathier Me said...

I have a semi-green thumb. I would love to have a veggie garden this year but with all the traveling I do it's too much work. I recommend using good quality soil. I know most stores sell soil specifically for veggie gardens. Let us know how it goes!