Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dining Out

Dining out is probably my biggest challenge. Hubby and I don't do it too terribly often (anymore) because of our finances. But we still dine out at least once or twice each week (if you include take-out).

Restaurant food tends to be higher in calories, fattier, and bigger portions--all of which spell diet disaster. Also, I tend to order things that I wouldn't normally eat at home, like French fries. Generally speaking, I think I could lose about a pound a month if I just cut out restaurant meals.

We're going out to dinner tonight (with a friend), but I think we're planning on going to a small, organic bistro. Everything is local, healthy and of reasonable portion size. The biggest downfall at this place is I order too much--appetizer, entree and wine--but this time I have full intentions of limiting my indulgences for both my waistline AND my wallet.

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