Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Kids and Money

This is a sponsored post.

When I was younger, I was a very poor money manager. By the time I finished grad school, I was deep in debt--student loans, car, and (worst of all) credit cards. I finally cleaned up my act and paid off my debts. And when it was all finished, I promised myself that I'd teach my kids the basics of money management so they'd never find themselves in the same debt situation.

Hubby and I have discussed it, and we both feel that education our (future) children about personal finances is a vital part of parenting. Fortunately, there are blogs like this one that help impart information about teen investing and money management for kids. It’s a great place to find guidance, advice and up-to-date news about personal finance and children.

Since the blog also discusses other things related to finance and parenting, it's an interesting read for almost anyone.

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