Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back in the saddle

Well, I got my "news." I can go back to my regular fitness routine.

So it's time for a fresh start! I've got only a month or two until my high school reunion--which I may or may not attend. If I do go, I'd like to look sexy and trim. That means I gotta drop some serious pounds before the party.

I've decided to go with Total Dedication. Generally speaking, this is something that's been hard for me to achieve during the last year or so. I point the finger of blame at alcohol, since I've been spending quite a lot of time with my friends (who are heavy drinkers). Alcohol is loaded with calories, and it always leads to late-night feasts and next-day hangovers (so I skip my workout).

Total Dedication, for me means clean eating, serious workouts and no cheating. I give myself small, occasional treats every once in a while--but rarely. I don't skip workouts, and I am totally focused when I exercise.

I managed to achieve Total Dedication a few years back when I (almost) completed the Body for Life Challenge. It made a huge difference in my perception of diet and exercise. I realized that I actually did possess the willpower to control my nutrition and body.

So tomorrow is a fresh start for me. (I know, I know... another Monday Diet. But this one will stick!)

If I get brave, I may even post my numbers (pounds, bodyfat, etc.)!

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