Thursday, March 6, 2008


Thank goodness! For the first time in weeks--or has it been months?--I finally took a walk! I feel great!

It was a sunny but cold day today... but I didn't mind. I just bundled up, strapped on my iPod and went traipsing through my neighborhood. It felt great to get out and breathe some fresh air, even if my walk was fairly short (compared to pre-pregnancy exercise sessions).

I'd been taking it easy because of a minor pregnancy complication. But I hadn't seen any signs of the complication, and my body was feeling pretty good. Plus, my doc hadn't suggested bed rest, so I figured a short walk would be okay.

One reason I was anxious to walk is because a vicious bout of the flu is being passed around my family right now. Hubby was down with it a few days ago. The last thing I want to do is get sick, and I know exercise can help give my immune system a boost.

I'm so glad I got some exercise today! As long as everything stays okay with my pregnancy, I'm going to try and ease into an every-other-day habit. Now's a great time, too, since Spring is on the way!

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