Saturday, March 22, 2008


Ok... I guess I am still in the "athlete" mindset instead of the "pregnant" mindset. I went for a walk yesterday--a slow ambling stroll, really--and felt pretty good. So I kept walking for longer than usual. My total time was about an hour, which is still less than I used to do back during my "fit" days.

The result? My legs were sore, my ankles were swollen, and my feet hurt! I keep forgetting that I'm out of shape and carrying an extra 20+ pounds! Not to mention I'm walking funny these days--it's more of a waddle--so my weight is distributed differently on my hips, legs, knees and feet.

Speaking of knees... I've been having some serious knee pain lately. I've had knee pain in the past--usually when I've been running too much. I assume this new pain is a result of my extra weight and strange gait. I just hope it doesn't affect my future fitness activities (post-baby).

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Tiffany said...

It is so hard to switch gears from pregnancy workout to nonpregnancy workout. I am having trouble with the post pregnancy workouts. I set out to run for an hour (because I use to do that) but I only am able to make it to 25 minutes and that is pushing myself. In yoga classes I can barley do poses in the beginning position that I use to be able to do the advanced position!