Thursday, January 11, 2007

Odds and Ends

Some odds and ends today...
  • We got digital cable TV! This means, at any given time, I have about 20 different free workout videos available at the click of the remote control. They're 15-20 minutes long, and cover everything from dance to yoga to kickboxing. Although I am not a huge fan of workout videos, this will be a nice way for me to mix things up when I get bored. And did I mention it's free?!
  • Although I already have an iPod Nano, a friend gave me a Shuffle for Christmas. I'm taking it out on it's maiden voyage (i.e., It's first jog around the neighborhood) today and am very excited to try it out!
  • We went to the health food store today, where I picked up lots of healthy goodies like pumpkin seeds and walnuts. We're grocery shopping tonight, and I plan to get plenty of fruits and veggies. I am thinking about eliminating wheat from my diet for a week or so, just to see how I feel. It seems like I get awfully bloated and my energy slumps after a meal with a lot of wheat, like pasta or a sandwich.


jeannie* said...

Woohoo to the digital cable!!! Thats so fun! YAY :)

Michelle said...

It's like Christmas all over again at your house! Can I come over? LOL!

Kellie said...

YAY!! Digital!! Be careful that you don't get sucked in to the vortex though!! It can make it real hard to leave the couch!!!

Have a great weekend!!!