Monday, January 29, 2007

Thinking Ahead...

Jeannie at Points and Pounds has already (technically) started her February challenge. I think this illustrates an important lesson: There's no time like the present to get started. And "thinking ahead" is a great way to stay on track. Aim high. Set goals. Look forward to the future.

I, too, am thinking ahead to the future. For me, late May of this year--about 4 months away--is my scheduled "group" vacation. Me and some close friends try to take a little trip together every year.

This year's vacation: The beach.

Bikinis. Little shirts and mini skirts. Tiny tee-shirts.

It's enough to send me into a panic.

And here's the kicker: This group of close friends--the ones with which I'll be sharing a cottage on the beach--consists only of myself, my hubby and three single guys.

I am madly in love with my husband, and I don't have my eye on any of these single guys (we've all been friends for years).

But no matter how platonic my feelings for my guy friends, there's something about prancing around in front of men--wearing nothing but a bikini--that strikes fear in my heart.

'Cause no one wants to think that her friends are secretly thinking, "Geez.... Midnight sure has some extra junk in her trunk."

So, yes... I am already looking ahead to the future.

And hopefully it'll help keep me motivated to stay on track during the next few months.


Athena of Texas said...

Hey, whatever helps keep you motivated!

And it sounds like you are traveling with your own entourage of cabana boys. ;)

the veggie paparazzo said...

I'm in a wedding the first week of June, and while it's not the point of my weight loss at all, looking good in my bridesmaid dress definitely is in my mind!

Michelle said...

That's right! Don't wait!! Just do it!

Gripperm said...

Use it as a tool to keep yourself motivated. Instead of them thinking "junk in the trunk" have them thinking "Damn did she always look that hot?"

Weight Master said...

Whatever it takes. I'm sure you'll look great.

jeannie* said...

I have never in my life worn a bikini. I'd really love for this year to be the year that my stomach sees the sun... cause I dont know if it EVER has!!!!

I'm right there with you on the motivation... summer and smaller clothes are right around the corner :)