Thursday, January 25, 2007

Other Accomplishments

Julie, the fun blogger at Flip This Body, declares Thursday to be "NSV Day." (NSV = Non Scale Victories.) She uses Thursdays as a time to update us about victories in her life that are unrelated to weight loss, such as personal finance accomplishments and compliments about her hair.

So, although In Pursuit of Fitness is pretty much for the purpose of documenting my diet, fitness and health (especially for readers of Refrigerator Raid)... I've decided to digress for one post and report some other accomplishments in my life:
  • I finished my third book! Finally! It is done! After writing three novels (although the second is more of a novella, really), I am starting to feel confident enough to think about sending them somewhere. This third one may actually attempt to find life by traveling through the mail in search of an agent, editor or publisher. Whether it goes into a drawer or into the mailbox... at least it's finished!
  • I have more responsibilities at work! Ok... I didn't get a promotion or a raise, and this is currently a "temporary" assignment. But I'm hoping it becomes permanent (and includes a hefty raise). Proving I can handle the responsibility during the next few weeks is vital.
  • I'm learning to say "no." I've cut back on my freelance work and I've resigned from my position on the Board of Directors of a writer's organization. I was becoming overwhelmed and annoyed with everything on my plate. It was time to cut back. I have other, more important, priorities that need my focus right now.


jeannie* said...

Learning to say NO can sometimes be the best thing in the world. We cant do everything... its as simple ast that. So great work!!!

And I cant believe youve finished your third book. Thats awesome! So inspiring. I hope it does travel through the mail in search of an editor/agent :)

Cory said...

I'm glad to hear about your accomplishments. I have so much trouble saying no...I'm glad you've accomplished it. I really hope that everything works out at work, it can suck to get more responsiblities without any compensation (happens to me alot!) Good luck with everything. I also hope you can get your book published. Promise to buy it if you do!!!

Athena of Texas said...

Those are huge accomplishments.

Do you have other websites/blogs related to writing? I'd love to read those.

the veggie paparazzo said...

Midnight--your third book?? That's awesome.

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Thanks everyone!

Athena... no other blogs related to writing. I thought about it once--started one for a few weeks--but it took too much time away from my REAL writing! LOL