Saturday, January 13, 2007

Rest Day

Saturday. My scheduled rest day. Oh... glorious Saturday!

Typically, Saturday is my "free" day. That means I don't have to exercise, and I can basically eat whatever I want (within reason).

However, yesterday evening M and I ordered take-out for dinner. So I ate lots of fried zucchini sticks, some French fries, plus spaghetti with marinara sauce and homemade garlic bread. As far as I'm concerned, this counts as Saturday's Splurge.

So that means I have to remain focused today.

However, it IS Saturday. So I'll probably eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, but odds are I'll indulge a bit at dinner. Some friends suggested dining out tonight, and I'm hoping I can convince them to go Japanese. A little veggie sushi is what I consider to be a moderate splurge.

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Michelle said...

You have such a great attitude! Enjoy your sushi!