Monday, January 22, 2007

Summary of the Wheat-Free Week

The basics:

I ate a wheat-free diet for one week. The diet was NOT gluten-free (I ate oatmeal). I mostly eliminated bread, pasta and wheat cereal.

The results:

I felt less bloated after meals. Around mid-week I felt super-skinny. And the scale even showed a pound loss. However, I gained that pound back in the last two days of my wheat-free week.

My energy levels declined throughout the week. By mid-week I started to feel sluggish. By the end of the week I felt totally exhausted.

My opinion:

Although I felt less bloated, I think it had less to do with the wheat and more to do with the fact that I stopped eating huge meals. I have a tendency to over-indulge in pasta and bread--I can't eat just one serving. By eliminating my "trigger" foods, I also eliminated binges. This resulted in me feeling slimmer and less bloated.

My lagging energy may have been more a result of over-exercise than my diet. However, it's possible I was lacking carbohydrates, which then led to feelings of fatigue (especially after exercise).

Current thoughts:

I added wheat back into my diet with a sandwich. It didn't make me feel any more or less bloated. I don't think wheat is a problem for me (except that I tend to eat too much of it). I think, in the future, I won't avoid wheat. I will, however, try to be conscious about moderating my portions of wheat foods.


Kellie said...

OOOHHH, What a wonderful complete and concise review of your experience. Thank you, but based on your post, I don't think I'll be trying that!!!

Cory said...

Sounds like you learned something good from your experiment. It is actually VERY important to have enough wheat in your diet. Good luck finding the happy balance!

Gripperm said...

I guess the motto of "Moderation is the key to a good life" fits your result.

Tee said...

I am glad that you learned something from going wheat-free last week.

Paige said...

I've often thought about trying wheat free, but I think I'd find the same results you did. Thanks for your review.