Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Best Stress Relief

I am hugely tempted to skip my workout today. I am feeling totally stressed with my job. Pulling out my hair, screaming at the top of my lungs, pounding on the keyboard.

For me, stress equals Pity Parties.

And, like any party, Pity Parties require certain items:
  • Tasty food: Yummy munchies is the cornerstone of any decent party. And I'm not going to serve up fresh veggies. Instead, I indulge with foods like pizza, French fries and popcorn. Cake is optional.
  • Entertainment: Forget the clown and the juggler. When I throw a Pity Party, the entertainment is always TV or movies. There's nothing more enjoyable than a night of inertia on the sofa.
  • Beverages: This is not a child's birthday party! You won't see a 2-liter of soda on the table. Instead, there will be plenty of alcoholic beverages... most notably a bottle of wine.
  • Guests: No one likes to party alone! I'll make sure I call up some friends and invite them to join my fun. If no one is available, I'll at least drag my hubby to the party. He's easily tempted by the lure of pizza and French fries.
So that's my normal stress scenario. Skip the workout. Load up my plate. Flop on the sofa.

But today I might try and break that habit. I might skip the party, and instead stick with my workout plan. I've got a leg strength training program scheduled for today.

And I'll bet I get a lot more stress relief from exercise than any party could offer.


jeannie* said...

I know I should be supporting the whole anti pitty party -- but it sounds so fun! I want to go.

In all seriousness though - you will totally get more stress relief from a good workout. Go sweat it out at the gym, youll feel so much better and just think how proud youll be to have skipped the fatty party!

Athena of Texas said...

If your gym has a sauna, you could always hold a post-anti-pity-party there, just to make sure you wring the last drop of self-pity out. :)

Cory said...

The party sounds so fun!!! I want so much to tell you to go!!!

BUT...the voice of reason and experience is saying I must tell you to work out. I know you will feel great after a good workout!!! The sauna idea sounds wonderful for an after party.

Tee said...

The party sounds like the fun thing to do, but going to the workout set for today would be so much beneficial!!! Either way you can't go wrong lol!

I am sure you will be proud of yourself if you tore up the invitation to the party and attended the workout session.

Meghan said...

I have to second what everyone above has said - the party might sound like fun, but you'll get way more out of a workout. Hang in there, you're doing great!