Friday, April 20, 2007

Birthday Hangover

Yesterday was my birthday. (woo hoo)

Today I am hungover. (ugh. ick.)

I'm doing pretty lousy at my "two drink minimum" April challenge. (boo. hiss.)

The beach is only a month away. (Oh no!)

But I can't even concentrate because of my headache. (Ouch. Ow.)

So I think I'm going back to bed. (zzzzzzz...)


Fatinah said...

Happy Birthday chicklet!

Gripperm said...

Happy Birthday

WeightWatchnWoman said...

How did I miss it? Happy Belated Birthday!!!! And many more : )

I hope you are feeling better.

jeannie* said...

Happy Belated!!!! Sorry about the hangover -- but hopefully you had a great night :)

Gripperm said...

I have a new blog so be sure to visit me at

JOY said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!

How do I know? Hangover - simple!