Monday, April 9, 2007


I am very, very tired today. This could be a result of:
  • Too much wine at my parent's home yesterday
  • Not enough sleep last night (I tossed and turned for hours)
  • Lack of exercise (I skipped a bunch of workouts last week)
  • PMS
Not sure the reason for it, but am doing my best to counter it with healthy food. I may force myself onto the treadmill later today, just so it feels like I did something.

This last week was strange. I didn't do much exercise. I didn't really stick to my meal plan. Yet I feel as if I've lost some weight! (I can't say for certain, however, because I haven't stepped on the scale. At least I'm sticking to one challenge goal!)

Planning to do some cooking tonight so I have lots of food to nibble on all week long. Will probably make a bean/corn salad, and maybe a few other things, too.


Tigerlilly said...

Sometimes the lack of sleep is due to the lack of excersize.. that is what happend in my case anyway!

Stay Strong!!

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

I bet its a combination of all of the above! Go do your treadmill workout and you'll feel better, I promise!