Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Earn 1k at PPP

PayPerPost.com has just announced a new opportunity for its bloggers. Every Tuesday during the month of April they'll have one--just one!--opportunity for a single blogger to earn $1,000 for a post.

Unlike other high-paying PPP opportunities, there will be no restrictions. You don't have to have a certain page rank or meet any other qualifications. You just have to be the lucky blogger that snags the opportunity the moment it's available on the PPP website.

PPP will not reveal when the opportunity will become available, so I expect many bloggers will remain ever vigilant on Tuesdays of this month. (Which explains why the site is super slow today.)

Although this opportunity may seem like a chance for the big payout in exchange for blog advertising, many bloggers have expressed a bit of dissatisfaction with the arrangement. According to them, 10 "no qualification required" $100 payouts would provide more opportunities for more bloggers. I tend to agree, but I also believe that PPP probably chose this particular arrangement for specific reasons.

I have neither the time nor the patience to repeatedly refresh the PPP website in hopes of snagging the "big payout." In fact, the time I dedicate to PPP rarely gets me an offer that qualifies for more than $8 or so. (Nonetheless, I've started to develop quite a healthy account with them, so the little payments add up fast.)

For folks dedicated to both blogging and their PPP opportunities, this could be a chance to make a big chunk of cash for just one little blog post.

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