Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A strict version of The Ultimate New York Body Plan (UNYBP) probably won't work for me because it's too low carb. I run 15-20 miles per week, plus regularly engage in other aerobic activities. I'd be totally dragging without some oatmeal and brown rice!

However, I am going to try to modify it a bit.

So I'll start this modified UNYBP on Monday, April 16.

My modified version will follow these rules:

I will eliminate the ABCDEFs from my diet, which means NO:
  • Alcohol
  • Bread (white)
  • Starchy carbs (white)
  • Dairy
  • Extra sweets
  • Fruit
I will eat 5 mini meals each day.

My diet modification: I will eat a serving of whole grain carbs (sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal, etc.) the first 2 or 3 meals of the day. (Or, in rare cases, a whole grain carb may be replaced with a small piece of fruit.) The last 2 or 3 meals will not contain any starchy carbs or fruit.

I will stick to the exercise plan as written in the UNYBP book, which includes a cardio workout each day, plus either the "Cardio Sculpt" routine, an abs/core routine, or a legs/butt routine.

So basically my only modification will be adding whole grains/fruit to my first 2 or 3 meals each day.

Now... I am completing this challenge during the last part of a month when I don't plan to weigh myself! So I'll only know my end weight, not my starting weight.

But this should be pretty interesting anyway.



I hope you don't mind but I would like to start this plan with you. I had given up the "white stuff" (bread,sweets,potatoes,pasta,rice) for lent and was looking for a new challenge. I already have the NYBP book and have been wanting to try it. I hope you plan on posting often during the 2 weeks it will definately help keep me motivated to get ready for bikini season.

Tigerlilly said...

It sounds like a good plan. If you stick to it you will look fantastic in two weeks!! I'm busting my butt right now because my 29th birthday is on the 25th of this month... and I am not going to be fat the last year of my 20's! LOL

Good luck with it and let me know how its going!!