Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mortgage News

Hubby and I are in the process of looking for a new home. We're not in any hurry--we could stay in our current home quite contently for another few years. But we know that one day we want some acreage, an eco-friendly home, and lots of space to grow.

As a result, we keep our ear to the ground when it comes to mortgage news. So I was very pleased to find the website, which is full of up-to-date info about mortgage interest rates, refinancing advice, and more. A lot of the guidance offered on the site can help the average borrower. For example, you can find information about the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, as well as news about taxes and real estate.

If you're thinking about buying a home in the future, it's always wise to do a little research at sites like this to ensure you're making an informed decision.

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