Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cell Phone Accessories

Of the two of us, Hubby is the one who's most into "tech gadgets." He carries a PDA and a cell phone, and he's most likely to start talking about the latest in HDTV or other tech news.

However, I do confess to maintaining a relationship with my cell phone. I'm not much of a "talker," but I am infatuated with text messaging. Unfortunately, I am not so great about remembering to charge my phone.

Fortunately, websites like the newly revamped offer lots of cell phone accessories for people like me, including car chargers. Without my car charger, I would probably be constantly carrying a dead cell phone.

When I browse their website--which is a nice, clean layout--I also tend to check out their Bluetooth Headsets. I think those headsets might make it possible for me to chat on the phone whenever I go outside for a run. Unfortunately, at this point, I am still huffing and puffing too much during my runs to actually chat on the phone at the same time. But as my fitness levels improve, it's possible this accessory could be beneficial to me.

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