Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is it hot outside...

Or is it just me?

The time of day I workout tends to vary... it can be first thing in the morning, middle of the afternoon or late evening.

Today at 1PM I went outside for a 4-mile run.

It was a balmy 75 degrees.

But I swear, it felt like I was slow-roasting out there!

The first mile passed with very little problem. But as my run went on, I kept getting hotter and more tired. I almost gave up at mile 2... I was wiped out completely. However, I have the "stubborn" gene, so I kept trodding on.

By the end of my run I felt very weak and almost sick. I've never been able to handle the heat... my body just doesn't adjust to it. And the humidity... oh, the humidity!

I realize that I sound like a total weenie. In some places it's already 90+ degrees outside! My hat's off to you folks who exercise in super hot, super humid weather. (It's a sweaty hat, but it's off to you.)

Unless things cool down, this will probably be my last afternoon run until Autumn.

But I'm at least patting myself on the back for sticking to it and finishing out the run, no matter how much I felt like quitting.


Cory said...

Congrats on finishing! That's great. I really dread it getting hotter because it's already hot enough to have me sweating a couple of minutes after I leave the house.
I would definitely change those runs to afternoons or mornings!

Fatinah said...

good on you for sticking with it!!

Tiffany said...

If I lived in a hot climate I know that I would have a much harder time working out. We eventually it 80 in July and August.

Paige said...

Heehee, I'm not afraid of vegetarian eating, it's just one of those things where someone is telling me what I can't have, so I obsessively WANT it now.

Sort of, but not really. I had some DELICIOUS vegetable moo-shu for lunch and am soo in love with veggies.

The sweaty weather is starting to suck....our high today is supposed to be 89!!

VegasGirl said...

Good job finishing!!! That's awesome =D I can't handle the heat either...I hate that! I think it is really the humidity I have trouble adjusting to though. *shakes fist* darn you Missouri weather! It feels like I'm walking through a cloud today.

Amber said...

Good job with sticking with it! If you think 75 is hot you should try 90 + humidity here I really thought I was roasting..haha!