Sunday, May 27, 2007

Vacation Round-Up

Back from vacation!

I wish it could've lasted longer... I was so relaxed.

Although I haven't stepped on the scale, I don't think I gained any weight. If anything, I actually feel a pound or two lighter!

Vacation Diet

Except for three restaurant meals, I pretty much ate three small meals each day plus some snacks during the week-long trip. My meals weren't as healthy as usual... I didn't get to eat any beans or many veggies. A typical meal might have been a veggie "lunchmeat" sandwich and a couple of chips. But overall, I probably consumed fewer calories per day than I usually do at home.

Vacation Exercise

I only had two formal days of exercise... one 1-mile run plus 2-mile walk and one 5-mile run. There were at least two other days, however, when I did some serious walking... at least 5+ miles. So that counts for something, I guess.

Vacation Booze

Although I drank alcohol every day but one, most days I limited myself to just three or four drinks. There was only one day when I really over-indulged.

Overall, I feel pretty good that I did some reasonably healthy relaxing over vacation. For the future, I have plans to switch up my strength training routine a bit, and I also intend to really up my workout intensity. My diet could use a bit of an overhaul, too. I'm looking forward to seeing some progress this summer.


Fatinah said...

welcome back!!

Athena said...

Oh, hon, it just ain't a vacation without the booze. Good for you for having a great time and staying healthy. :)

Amethyst said...

You're still doing great!