Monday, May 14, 2007

I *heart*

Bloggers looking to earn a little extra income from their blogs should seriously consider (PPP). The company helps with blog marketing, plus you earn cash when you review various websites, services and companies! You choose what you want to review, so it's all in your control.

My first sponsored post was on February 28, 2007. Since that date I've earned about $181 (with another $40 pending) for 28 posts. That's almost $8 per post, and most of them are just 50-100 words. In terms of "hourly wage," that's a decent income.

Of course, I couldn't make a living from PPP. But it does give me a chance to earn a little extra cash for things like shoes, dresses and cute clothing to show off my newly trim body (once I drop another 10 pounds).

Although I haven't done much networking with PPP, the opportunity is there--which means a chance for you to build readership, meet new friends and link to other Internet buddies. If you’re a blogger with the desire for a little extra cash check out PPP.

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