Wednesday, May 2, 2007

May Challenge Goals

It's taken me longer than usual to post my May challenge goals because:

1. I've been writing on deadline, so I've been swamped with work
2. I've had a hard time coming up with an appropriate goal

I can't make a goal to cut back on alcoholic beverage consumption--I'm going on vacation in May! No way I could keep that kind of goal.

I've been slacking a bit on the exercise program, however, so I decided that needs my focus. So my May Goals:

Primary Goal: Exercise 5 days per week

Secondary Goal: Return to Tae Kwon Do classes (Yes, I slacked on them again)

Secondary Goal: Eat "clean" 6 days per week

I'll give myself a little bit of leeway during vacation, but I'll still try and maintain most of my focus.

Also, a shout out to my May buddies: Tee, Amethyst, and Jeannie!


Cory said...

Those are some fantastic goals. Don't worry that it took you an extra day to get to them. We've all been a bit busy! Good luck this month!

jeannie* said...

Sounds like good goals for May!

And vacation sounds wonderful right now! haha

Gripperm said...

All very reasonable