Monday, February 5, 2007

15 Weeks

Yesterday I started a personal 15 week Challenge. (If it works, it'll get me in shape by summer).

My program is a modified Body for Life plan, and involves a few rules:
  • Exercise 6 days per week (3 of cardio/weights, 3 runs)
  • 5-6 mini meals per day
  • Limit portion sizes (2 cups per meal maximum, except veggies which are unlimited)
  • Very limited refined carbs and sugars (only in desperate situations)
  • Clean meals (close to nature, minimum processed foods)
  • One free meal per week
  • Alcoholic beverages (no more than 2 drinks) only once per week
That should do it. Those are the only rules.

And I plan on sticking to them with as much focus, will and determination I can muster.

Now... it does seem like a lot to take-on, especially since I am already setting monthly goals with the 2007 Challenge.

But I can't help it! I like challenges! (And I've always been an overachiever.)

Speaking of my February challenge, I actually woke up early today. Not early enough (or with enough energy) to exercise this AM, but at least early enough that my body can start adjusting to "early riser" time. If I can wake up early a few mornings in a row, I might try exercising in the AM next week.


Paige said...

Hey partner!

I think all of your goals are reasonable, so I'm sure you can reach them!

Have a great day!

Cory said...

All of that seems fairly reasonable. Good luck with the personal challenge.
And I'm glad to hear that you are doing well on the starting to get up. Once you get in the routine, it's a lot easier!

Tee said...

You can do it!!

Very nice 15 week program you have here. Stick with it and the results will be great.

Best Wishes!!!

Gripperm said...

Very attainable goals and with the support you have here I do not see you having any problems doing it

Living to Feel Good said...

Great goals!! You go girl!! :D

Tigerlilly said...

Sounds like a fantastic challenge. I , too, am a challenge junky.. lol.. and 15 weeks in a reasonable time allowance to get into bikini mode for summer!!

I'm sure you will succeed!!