Thursday, February 8, 2007

Crushing Disappointment

As some of you know, I've been training for a Half Marathon. Well, I realized last night that I have to give up that dream (for now). Here's why:
  • Hubby can't get off work the day of the HM. He wanted to run this with me, and we had hoped this would be something we'd do together. I don't feel the same desire to run it alone.
  • After chatting with some folks on Cool Running, I think it's possible that my training plan might have been too optimistic. It would probably be very wise for me to develop a more solid mileage base.
  • I want to lose a few pounds. And, in reality, running to lose weight only seems to work for elite runners. A turtle like me doesn't lose a pound from it. (And, in fact, I seem to gain weight.) So if I want to drop the flab, I gotta add some speedwork and interval training into my routine--things I've been avoiding because I've been building mileage.
So I guess I'm not going to run the HM I planned... at least, not at this point. There's always the fall, though.

Truth is, however, I'm terribly disappointed. Hubby and I also want to start a family soon, and I'm worried that I may never run a Half Marathon. Then again, motherhood isn't the end of running, right?

Let's hear from all the exercising moms out there!


Anonymous said...

Awww. That sucks.

I don't always like running solo so I bought an MP3 player and found it helps. Have you tried that out?

You can still incorporate speedwork and Hill repeats (very good at building speed and strength) even while you build mileage.

Hopefully it works out and you can still run in it. When is the race?

And of course you can run a Half Mary after kids. Either get a Doodlebug carrier (run stroller by Trek) or something and away you go.
Great way to get back in shape post baby!

Anyway, hope it all works out for you. Don't give up on running just cause you may not do the Half!

Paige said...

I didn't realize you were vegan!! Are you on I just joined them today.

Gripperm said...

I can understand not doing it alone but in a marathon you will be surrounded by tons of people. If your goal is just to finish it then there is not reason why you cant do it. What is you distances now that you are running? I don't care about pace but just total miles for a week?

~~Midnight Raider~~ said...

Lola: Don't worry... I won't give up running! I enjoy it too much!

Paige: I was on veggieboards, but find some of them argue too much for my tastes. I go to the forum on sometimes.

Gripper: Well, it's not that I don't want to run it alone as much as it's something hubby and I had planned to do together... kind of a mutual goal. So I'd like to achieve it with him someday. Right now my weekly mileage is only about 12 miles. But to continue increasing my long run, without increasing too much mileage per week, I'd end up with a long run of 12 miles and short runs of 3 miles... probably not the wisest choice, according to some people. Anyway... I'm still training. So we'll see.

Thanks for all the support!