Wednesday, February 21, 2007

40 Day Challenge

Michelle, our fearless leader for the 12 Month Challenge, has proposed a 40 Day Challenge for the Lenten season.

As a Catholic, I'm familiar with the Lenten season and all that it means. So I decided to sacrifice two things for Lent. One is related to health/diet, and the other is personal.

So for Lent, I'm giving up:

1. Distracted eating. For me, this means eating while watching TV, using the computer or reading a book/magazine. All meals will be eaten at an actual table whenever possible, and I will be fully conscious of my food. Mindless munching on the sofa or at my desk will be eliminated from my life for 40 days.

2. Swearing. I know it's not very ladylike. And, unfortunately, it's one of my worst habits. So I'm giving up all cursing and swearing. No "damn," "shit," "hell," or any other words that would make my mother sigh and roll her eyes.

Those are my Lenten sacrifices. Hopefully, they'll both turn into lifelong habits.


Cory said...

Good luck with your sacrifices. I can't imagine giving up more than one thing at a time. Good luck, and we'll be here for you when it gets hard.

jeannie* said...

Those are two great things! I think I'd have a harder time with the swearing... (and we all know how hard getting rid of mindless munching is!!!)

Good luck!

Tigerlilly said...

Oooh... good challenges! Both of them would be great habits to change.

Thanks for the comments, I will definatley look into changing up my routine.. couldn't hurt!

Fatinah said...

Those are two great ideas! I'll be interested to read how the swearing goes. I'm awful for that - I would likely slip up a lot! Good luck!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Those are good ones.

I think people lose sight, though, of the fact that you can also look at Lent as a time to add something to your life, not just take something away. Whether it's a daily prayer or a walk, it doesn't have to be about what you're losing! I think the what-you're-gaining ones can be some of the best.

Tee said...

Very doable!!! I am sure you will do wishes!

Gripperm said...

Good luck and I think they will be very easily attainable for the next 40 days