Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Brutal Weather

Despite the (IMHO) brutally cold weather, I slogged through my run yesterday. It was a short one--only 3 miles--so it went by pretty fast. But I kept checking my face during the run to make sure I still had some feeling left in it.

In terms of exercise, I am sticking to my program. My diet, on the other hand, hasn't been great.

I know my problem:

I cut calories in the morning. My first three meals of the day are fairly light.

Then I have a glass (or two) of wine before dinner.

Big problem. Big, big problem.

My inhibitions drop, my stomach growls, and I find myself scarfing down anything that will fit into my mouth.

It ain't a pretty sight.

So there's a two-prong solution:

1. Eat more throughout the day so I'm not famished at night.
2. Stop drinking the wine.

I know cutting back on alcoholic beverages was part of my 15 week program, but I just seem conditioned to have a glass after work. Odd how we develop these habits.

Anyway, I got into the habit of running and lifting weights. I can get into the habit of not drinking a glass of wine each evening.


Anonymous said...

RE: the glass of wine at night.
Sounds like it may have become a 'ritual' that helps you transform a long day at work..into a relaxing evening.
you may benefit from replacing it w/ another relaxing ritual

Tee said...

I loved this about your post "got into the habit of running and lifting weights. I can get into the habit of not drinking a glass of wine each evening" because you have done it before with the running and lifting, so you know you can cut the wine out as well.!!

Nice way of thinking!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Bob Greene suggests eating a more caloric breakfast than you might otherwise. Every morning I have a piece of toasted whole-grain bread with about a tablespoon of (natural) almond butter spread on it, then half an apple or pear sliced on that, then about a teaspoon of honey drizzled on that. Depending on the bread I use and the amount of AB I put on it, it's about 350-400 calories, I would guess--far higher than what I would've eaten for breakfast before. But I really do believe that breakfast revs up your metabolism, and a bigger breakfast helps keep hunger in check for me for the rest of the day. I think it's partly biological--a morning reminder after the night's sleeping fast that there is plenty of food around for my body to take in, so I don't have to stuff myself with it!

I envy that you can get up and run 3 miles; that is so impressive.

Carrie said...

Great job on your run!! Running in the freezing cold sucks doesn't it!! But don't you feel so much better afterwards! That is what I always try to tell myself. Great work!! :)

Gripperm said...

Keep up the running even with the cold temps.. I know that I cant.. A larger breakfast with 5 smaller meals during the rest of the day should be better. A nice breakfast is great way to kick start your day and your metabolism.