Friday, February 9, 2007

Finding Meaning...

Yesterday's run felt, well, "flat" for lack of a better term.

It wasn't particularly hard. Wasn't particularly boring. Wasn't particularly tiring.

But it felt like it had no meaning.

I went for the run after deciding to not do a Half Marathon this Spring. I guess that took a little bit of the juice out of my step. I am highly motivated by goals.

But there's an intrinsic value in running that is unrelated to races and goals. (When I first started, I didn't have a goal in mind. I just ran for fitness.)

So I've got to start looking harder... deeper... for the meaning in my runs. And not just my runs, but exercise in general. "Weight loss" alone is not going to sustain me through hard workouts. It's not going to keep fitness a lifetime habit. There must be other motivations if exercise is to become a permanent part of my life.

I came up with a short list of "10 Reasons I Exercise":
  • Because sweat and muscle aches make me feel good
  • Because I want to improve my chances of living a longer, healthier life
  • Because I enjoy watching my body change
  • Because I want to look great--and feel great--in cute clothes
  • Because I also want to look great--and feel great--naked
  • Because I love being the fittest one among my friends
  • Because exercise also teaches me new skills, like martial arts
  • Because a stronger "me" means I'm capable of more physical tasks
  • Because I want to be taking the stairs--not the elevator--when I retire
  • Because exercise helps me relieve stress, tension and anxiety
So what are your reasons?


Anonymous said...

Because I get to chose the outcome of my workout.

Because it is time for ME and Me alone.

Because I love the feel of a good workout after I am done.

I love the look of people when I say I have done X race and Y Triathlon.

To live longer.

Gripperm said...

1-I need to lose weight

2-I want to do a goal I set 17 years ago

3-Stress relief

4-I have been chronically ill for two years and cannot work and I am going insane at home. Running gives me time to make all the bad thoughts go away

5-Because at 6'4" 380lbs nobody thinks I can run a 5k

Meghan said...

Because I want to feel like I've accomplished something for myself.

Because it's my time, just for me.

Because it gives me something to work towards.

To have the option of running a 5k if I want to.

Because it feels really good when you know you've worked hard.

To live better.

Tee said...

Currently, mine is for weight loss. I have had the same thoughts before of having a reasons to workout because eventually the weight will be gone, but it does not mean I can stop exercising.

I want to exercise because it is healthy for me. I want to exercise because it helps me relieve stress. I just told a friend the other day that I can weight until I start to love and crave exercise. I am not quite there though.

Weight Master said...

For weight management.
Gain stamina and endurance.
Live a healthier, happier life.