Wednesday, February 28, 2007

End Of February

An overview of my February goals:

Exercise in AM: Big ol' failure with this one. I didn't exercise in the morning once. I did, however, exercise in the afternoons. So at least I did my workouts, even if they were at the wrong time of day.

Limit restaurant meals to one per week: We cut back to about two per week. An improvement, though I still didn't meet the goal.

Begin attending martial arts classes again: I actually attended one class. Not as many as I hoped to attend in February, but a start.

Overall, February was a dismal failure. But I have high hopes for March.


Cory said...

Don't call it a failure! You made some great improvements this month, and that's what is important.

Michelle @ The 2007 Challenge said...

No failing allowed!!! You've made progres my friend, and that's steps forward. Failure is moving backwards. You're doing great!

Gripperm said...

no F word! Look at what you have done

JOY said...

Put February behind you- look forwards not backwards!

You are not a failure - you have made steps to improving your health, this is not a failure.

Good luck with March - we are all here behind you.